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 Shamrock Yellow Cab   Shamrock Yellow Cab - Taxi Company

3 reviews
Based in Greeley, CO
Area(s) served Greeley, CO
Hours of operation 7 Days a Week/Daily/Everyday
Credit card(s) accepted Master Card
Accessible services No
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(970) 224-2222
Colorado, 80631

About Shamrock Yellow Cab

Shamrock Yellow Cab is a taxi service company providing local taxicab transportation in Greeley, CO. Shamrock Yellow Cab is one of the premier Greeley taxi service vendors and offers a full range of taxi services. Please contact Shamrock Yellow Cab directly to inquire about various taxi services they provide in Greeley, CO.

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Customer Reviews for Shamrock Yellow Cab

Best Drivers ever
Posted September 06, 2009 by tbeaman121 [Point-to-Point Transportation on September 05, 2009]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
We called for a cab a few times this week from Northern Colorado Yellow Cab, and our Driver, Trevor. was the nicest and friendliest I have met in a taxi in all my years of travel. After dropping us off at our destination he offered us his card for a lower wait time. We called back and the night driver Stacy was just as friendly. We recomend this company in te Greeley area. A+ service guys. Thank you for being such a help in our time of need.
Worst Company Ever!!!!
Posted March 04, 2012 by jrscott [Point-to-Point Transportation on March 04, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
I called three hours in advance to try and get a ride to work. They were way over an hour late and when I called the office to find out the destination they said that they are on their way and hung up the phone. I ended up missing work because of their incompetence.
Posted June 03, 2013 by denverbear [Point-to-Point Transportation on June 03, 2009]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
this is the worst service I,ve ever experienced..and I have to deal with Comcast.i called 1 1/2 hour in advance..i was lie4d to .a cab is on the way..1 hour later I called to check on cab I was told we don.t have a cab in Greeley..then wy advertise cab service.for the fun of it.well it isn`t very fun for custumers.i.m just glad it wasn.t a life or death.appointment..i.d be dead waiting for a cab.strongly suggest stay away.un less you got a couple hours to waste waiting for a cab that never comes.how they even have a license to sevre the public is beyond me..they got te take the orders for cab service down .now if they can combine that with acuttly sending a cab,,that,d be great..VERY UNSATISFIED..