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 DiaTom Medical Transportation   DiaTom Medical Transportation - Medical Transport Company

Not rated
Based in Marysville, WA
Service(s) offered Medical Appointment
Non-Emergency Hospital Visit
Hospital Admission & Discharge
Hospital Transfer
Outpatient Surgery
Rehabilitation Visit
Long Distance Trip
Airport, Train or Bus Station
Area(s) served Arlington, WA
Bothell, WA
Camano, WA
Darrington, WA
Edmonds, WA
Everett, WA
Kenmore, WA
Kirkland, WA
Lake Stevens, WA
Langley, WA
Years in business Less than 3 years
Fleet size 1-10 vehicles
Hours of operation 7 Days a Week/Daily/Everyday
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(425) 350-4249
35th Ave NE
Washington, 98270

About DiaTom Medical Transportation

DiaTom Medical Transportation is a family-owned business based in Marysville, WA. When you call, the phone will be answered by Owner Thomas McRae. When you email it will be answered by Thomas or his wife Diane. Our goal is to provide the best service for the best price in the area. We can accomplish this goal with an experienced driver and a vehicle that is more fuel-efficient than the competition.

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