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 Delaware County Cab   Delaware County Cab - Taxi Company

3 reviews
Based in Upper Darby, PA
Area(s) served Upper Darby, PA
Accessible services No
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(610) 626-4221
Upper Darby
Pennsylvania, 19082

About Delaware County Cab

Delaware County Cab is a taxi service company providing local taxicab transportation in Upper Darby, PA. Delaware County Cab is one of the premier Upper Darby taxi service vendors and offers a full range of taxi services. Please contact Delaware County Cab directly to inquire about various taxi services they provide in Upper Darby, PA.

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Customer Reviews for Delaware County Cab

Bitch Dispatcher
Posted March 07, 2011 by vgravelle [Point-to-Point Transportation on December 12, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
Do NOT use this company! I was out w/ my wife and a few family friends at a fundraiser. The fundraiser was at a Barnaby`s so we had a babysitter stay for a few hours so we could catch up with someold freinds and make a donation to a former coach. I had a few drinks over a few hours and was probably close to the legal limit since I don`t drink too often and I thought it would be wise to call a cab. I was told by the dispatcher we`d be picked up in 10-30 mins. I then called the babsitter and let her know no later than 45-60 mins, to give the cab some cushion. After 75 minutes and 3 phone calls where I was left on hold for 15 mins I finally got the same dispatcher who told me 10- 30 mins. I told her we had a babysitter waiting and it`s been almost an hour over what they told us. She instantly lost her cool, told me she`s too busy to hear my shit, and said I won`t be getting a cab. After all that she was rude, cursed, and left a cust
worst cab company ever
Posted June 24, 2012 by all2blur [Ride From Airport on June 24, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
I have dealt with this company numerous times, as a local supermarket employee calling for customers, and as a customer myself. My grandfather was sick in a hospital in Philadelphia, this company tried to rip my grandmother off numerous times. The cab drivers are dishonest and shady. They always try to scam you one way or another. The management us just as bad! I was looking for a taxi to the airport from a friends house early one morning. Besides waiting a ridiculous amount on hold, the dispatcher hung up on me, and argued that my address was incorrect! `Do you live there? Cause there is no such address!` I tried to inform the guy the intersection and exact address. I called the airport for a reputable company. Customers at my work often need a cab, they are also mistreated. Waiting on hold, given inaccurate arrival times, and sometimes waiting ridiculous amounts of time for a cab are only some of the issues with this company! Shady and
Posted November 22, 2012 by Manko85 [Point-to-Point Transportation on November 22, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
I have used several cab companies in the past and have had no issues. When calling this company, I was initially greeted by the most `pleasant` woman who took my booking. I was told it would be 45-60 minutes for my pick up, which was fine. After 1 hour and 20 minutes I called to check on the status of the cab and the woman stated that she couldn`t control things and then hung up on me. I waited another 45 minutes and finally made other arrangements to get home. I still have yet to hear from the company about when they plan on showing up. I will NEVER use this company again and strongly recommend that no one else does. Horrible customer service and completely unreliable.