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 Totem Taxi   Totem Taxi - Taxi Company

1 review
Based in Elmira, NY
Area(s) served Elmira, NY
Accessible services No
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(607) 734-6161
105 W 3rd St
New York, 14901-2107

About Totem Taxi

Totem Taxi is a taxi service company providing local taxicab transportation in Elmira, NY. Totem Taxi is one of the premier Elmira taxi service vendors and offers a full range of taxi services. Please contact Totem Taxi directly to inquire about various taxi services they provide in Elmira, NY.

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Customer Reviews for Totem Taxi

Posted March 07, 2010 by Kaptfox [Point-to-Point Transportation on March 07, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
They force me not get Female taxi Cab Drivers because of issues of at least gender prejudiced or even possible racial prejudiced if not more.I reccommend they get unofficially boycotted. DUMBELFLYS=4X10AT100 BENCHPRESS=5X5AT185LBS INCLINE=4X4AT115LBS BARBELLPULLOVERS=4X11AT80POUNDS CABLELYCROSSOVERS=4X25AT140POUNDS TERRIBLELOVELY CHRISTISRLMLQIZDKA AMANDAMARIEPUSHAWAYSTOKNOX CHRISTOSGETEVENABBA=125X,875X, CAGLAR JUAN SINGLETARY