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 Friendly Care   Friendly Care - Medical Transport Company

6 reviews
Based in Highland Park, NJ
Area(s) served Highland Park, NJ
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(732) 448-0100
238 Cleveland Ave
Highland Park
New Jersey, 8904-1804

About Friendly Care

Friendly Care is a medical transport service company providing local medical transportation in Highland Park, NJ. Friendly Care is one of the premier Highland Park medical transport service vendors and offers a full range of medical transportation services. Please contact Friendly Care directly to inquire about various medical transport services they provide in Highland Park, NJ.

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Customer Reviews for Friendly Care

Posted December 07, 2011 by BITALATTU [Medical Appointment on January 01, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
very bad customer service
Posted December 08, 2011 by MELISSA123 [Medical Appointment on September 20, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad customer service
Posted December 17, 2012 by ldoherty72 [Medical Appointment on December 17, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
today i was scheduled for a medical appointment going to east brunswick nj . Friendly Care picked me up an hour late for the appointment. i called the office twice to get an idea when they would arrive so i could call the doctors office,and make sure they could hold my appointment which they did. when it was time to go my appoint ment was 4 minutes longer due to the fact i had not shown up on time and when that happens things dont go as smoothly as we all would like . i called TOM at friendly care who was exremely rude snd aggressive on the phone stated i called three times and was bothering and also stated `no wonder no one wants to deal with you your crazy` and hung the phone up on me. Never one did i raise my voice or use any language that was inappropriate . i just need to find out what was going on with all the confusion in that office.I have a disability and TOM violated the rights i am protected by. Its the law.
Great Service
Posted February 28, 2013 by member1234 [Non-Emergency Hospital Visit on February 05, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
Very friendly office staff. Driver waited for me even after my doctor was late. Would strongly recommend!!
I would use them
Posted March 05, 2013 by Afternoon54 [Medical Appointment on June 13, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
My mom goes with them to dialysis three times a week. They are always on time. I had so many problems dealing with logisticare and Gem. Thank God for Friendly Care
Used fior a discharge
Posted March 07, 2013 by Smithers53 [Medical Appointment on April 17, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
Very pleasant EMT`s