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 Neil's Cab   Neil's Cab - Taxi Company

2 reviews
Based in Hancock, MI
Area(s) served Hancock, MI
Accessible services No
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(906) 482-5515
201 E Franklin St
Michigan, 49930-1809

About Neil's Cab

Neil's Cab is a taxi service company providing local taxicab transportation in Hancock, MI. Neil's Cab is one of the premier Hancock taxi service vendors and offers a full range of taxi services. Please contact Neil's Cab directly to inquire about various taxi services they provide in Hancock, MI.

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Customer Reviews for Neil's Cab

No Show
Posted August 25, 2012 by jacole23 [Ride From Airport on August 11, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
I had a flight departing at 6:00am. The day before I called to get a ride to the airport in the morning. The person I spoke with scheduled it and said I was all set. Later that night I called to confirm the pickup time of 4:30am as well as the location. At 4:20am I was standing outside waiting. I waited until 4:45am (I called Neil`s at 4:40 and got no answer) and decided I couldn`t wait any longer. Had I not had a vehicle I would have missed my flight. Bottom line - would not recommend if you like taxi services that actually pick you up.
Worst service I`ve ever had
Posted January 10, 2014 by johndoe123 [Point-to-Point Transportation on January 07, 2010]

Customer service   Driver
Price / Value   Vehicle
I think I`ve successfully gotten a cab from Neil`s twice in the last 5 years. They normally do not show up, after I`ve watched out the door or window for 2 hours. If they do show, they are rude and are pervy towards drunk women. This business needs to be replaced by a quality cab company.