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 AllStar limousine   AllStar limousine - Limousine Company

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3113 almond tree court
California, 94509

About AllStar limousine

Our company was established with Quality, Class, and Style in mind but with a dream to become the best luxury limo transportation service worldwide. AllStar Limousine is a top of its class limo transportation provider serving clients in the greater SF Bay Area, including Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. We set out to achieve these goals by offering our clientele the most luxurious, reliable, and safe rides available. You can rest assured that we will get you there in style, glitz, and comfort. We are happy to provide you with top transportation services whether you are hosting a corporate event, spending the night out in town, arriving to your wedding ceremony, or having the time of your life for prom. Whatever your event, we are here to make it a memorable one. Our fleet of vehicles are always detailed and maintained for that luxurious and reliable ride. Our drivers are also all licensed and properly trained for professionalism and courtesy. They go through defensive driving courses, undergo an extensive background check, and are routinely drug tested for your safety. Last but not least, AllStar Limousine is proud to have served countless satisfied customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including names like Jason Giambi of the Oakland Athletics/New York Yankees and Jeremy Newberry of the San Francisco 49ers.