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When The Ride Turns Bad

The main purpose of spending money to rent a limousine service is for you, the passenger, to have a feel of luxury and class, through an experience that is supposedly almost flawless. And as a paying customer, you have every right to expect the ride, from pick-up to drop-off, to go smoothly, and for you to bask in the kind of elegant leisure that perhaps only a limousine ride could give you.

Limousines have been relied on by many people for transportation purposes of any nature: for a night out of town among friends, for showing a business client first-class treatment, or for picking up a date for an extra dash of romance to the special evening. But despite the reason, as mentioned earlier, you as a client can sit back and enjoy the ride.

However, there are times when some unforeseen events cause the experience to go completely the other way. It could be one of many possible incidents, but you would end up having an experience that is less than satisfactory.

If your experience with the limousine ride, or the limousine rental company, was less than great, there are in fact a few options for you to consider in terms of what you can do.

1. Go directly to the manager

This is perhaps the best way to go during incidents involving a customer service representative who in one way or another gives you a problem. Whether itís rudeness or vagueness of responses, the best way to go would be to refer to the person in charge.

On some occasions, you can also refer to the other option of speaking with the actual owner of the company. Whoever it is you choose to talk to, you get a better assurance that the incident will not happen again.

2. Report your problem to the company itself

This applies to when itís the limousine driver that is giving you the problem. Any decent limousine rental company would usually give their customers a number through which they can get in contact with representatives, during the times when problems arise. Usually, you can get in touch with the company at all hours of the day, as well as the night.

When this happens, the limousine company would immediately speak with the chauffeur regarding the issue you reported. The chauffer would be reminded of their responsibilities, one of those being giving the passenger good service, without the attitude. If the issue is not resolved, the car company would usually send a replacement chauffeur.

3. Take note

Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to make a mental note of the events that transpired, for future references. Take note of just how grave the situation was, and how the company responded to it. If the company also failed to meet your standards in terms of resolving the issue, it would be a good idea to turn to other companies for future services.

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