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What To Expect From Medical Transport Service

In general, customerís expectations on quality of medical care and customer service in medical transportation services are mostly going to be dependent on what they have paid for the said service in the first place. If a patient has arranged for a private ambulance service, they should be generally expecting better quality of care and more up to date medical equipment then if they are using an average city or community operated medical transport company or ambulance.

Emergency and non-emergency medical transport are two completely different types of medical transportation services. When it comes to non-emergency medical ambulance companies, the quality of service you receive may vary from company to company quite drastically. Once again, the more you pay for the service the more you can expect from transportation companies. Usually the types of services and support that can you expect from most ambulance companies will be detailed in their contract with you. The contract will outline how many practitioners will be in the ambulance, which devices will be provided to help load/unload the patient into/from the vehicle and which life safety, measuring, or life monitoring devices will be on board in case the patient has a medical emergency en-route.

Generally speaking, patients that are being transported in critical medical condition will need a more expensive set of transport services. If they are immobilized or otherwise incapacitated the price goes way up for ambulatory care. This is because the patient may need additional medical equipment like IV drips or even a portable dialysis machine. The cost of the service may also depend on how far the person is going to be transported. A patient who is being transported across state lines is obviously going to garner higher costs then one who is being moved a few blocks to a local hospital.

Less expensive medical transport is available for individuals who are partially immobilized or in a wheelchair. Public programs run by local charities or community non-profit organizations sometimes pay for these services under certain circumstances. Some local bus lines also provide basic types of wheelchair transportation service for free to the local residents. The purpose of this type of service is to help handicapped individuals visit their doctors and travel to other scheduled medical appointments.

One important thing to remember about a medical transport service is that even though these companies are hired to save lives, they sometimes fail, because in most medical emergency cases any type of transfer is dangerous to patientís health. However you can always expect professional behavior from medical transport company employees, especially if they are employees of a private ambulance service company. However, if you are forced to accept services of a city or community ambulance you might be dealing with ambulance employees who are quite stressed. As seen on Oprah Winfrey recently, many of these ambulance attendants who are expected to save lives, are paid barely over the federal minimum wage limit and are required to work long shifts in stressful conditions.

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