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Limousine Rental Tips: What to do When Scouting for a Limousine Service Company

People always look for a bargain. Even in getting a limousine service. But it does not mean that they will settle for anything less than what they expect. It is not like going to a thrift store for a previously owned set of golf clubs.

Looking for cheap limousine service is not renting a battered vehicle with a falling bumper or a dented fender. It is looking for a limousine service that is not expensive but retains a high class service.

Possible? It is. Limousine service is priced according to the market it serves. Pricey limousine service caters to the high-end market that can afford it. Inexpensive limousine service caters to the middle class and the average income levels of the American society. In both markets, the use of a limousine service connotes luxury.

Regardless of one’s position in the social ladder, limousines are vehicles of luxury. They are means of transport for “special occasion”. Special occasions that require limousine services include weddings, proms, funerals, corporate gala events, special parties or any occasion that people feel should be serviced by a limousine.

For some one who will be availing of a limousine service for the first time, there are some areas that you have to clarify with the limousine service provider:

1. License to operate – The first thing to verify is if the company is licensed to operate a limousine service. One cannot just purchase a limousine and rent it out to anybody who can afford it. Transportation companies need to get an authority to operate from the Federal Department of Transportation as well as from the local state regulating body. Limousine service companies should have both licenses before they operate.

2. Insurance coverage – Limousine services must have commercial insurance coverage. This will cover the passengers in case an accident occurred. Make sure to ask the limousine company to provide you with a certificate of coverage.

3. Years in business – Find out how long the limousine company has been in the industry. A company provides more reliable service if they had been doing business for many years.

4. Business Affiliation—You will feel better to know that the limousine service you are availing has both national and local affiliations like the National Limousine Association. Having this kind of business affiliation gives you the assurance that the company met the standards required by these national or state organizations.

5. Background Check –Inquire about how the company whose services you plan to hire does business. Get testimonials from former clients; find out how the company delivers service. Proceed with hiring the company’s services only if you are convinced that the testimonials are favorable.

6. Roadworthiness of vehicles – Find out what the company’s fleet vehicles are. Make a choice from a standard stretch, super stretch limousines, SUV limousines like Hummers and Escalades, etc. Do your best to personally see the vehicle you are renting. If unable to do so, request the company to send by e-mail the vehicles features, size and passenger capacity.

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