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Using Taxicabs With Accessible Capabilities

If you are a disabled person or caring for one then at times you may find yourself needing to order a taxi service with accessible capabilities. Not all cab companies have this type of service so you are definitely going to have to call as many taxi companies as you can to find out which has the most comfortable and serviceable vehicle to accommodate you. Just as well you may encounter the same issue when traveling and needing to use an airport taxi service. Oftentimes you need to order a specific driver or vehicle especially if you are ordering ahead of time and need a taxi from airport or taxi to airport. Sometimes you also need to call the airport to make sure you have sufficient help to manage the disabled person once you get there.

Usually the best taxis for transporting the handicapped are the vans that are maintained specifically for these services by airport taxi and local taxi companies. The vehicles in this special fleet of handicapped taxis usually have some kind of ramp or lift to help the handicapped person into the vehicle. Usually it is a ramp as that is the simplest and most compact device that could be used to add handicapped access to a vehicle for a cab company.

If an automated lift or ramp is not part of the vehicle, then a taxi driver is expected to help the disabled person in and out of the vehicle. Usually the drivers of these types of taxis are used to assisting the disabled whether they are in a wheelchair or not.

Generally a typical disabled taxi van can carry four handicapped passengers plus one wheel chair. Some can accommodate more than one wheelchair. This type of vehicle is also often used by hospitals for non-emergency patient transfers.

The main thing about taxi companies who have vans that cater to the disabled is that you need to book them in advance. If you do not bother with this you could be waiting hours for the cab. This is because most taxi companies prefer to book the taxi at half an hour intervals. Most cab companies that do bookings of disabled vehicles also need a booking that is 24 hours in advance. Yet another caveat of these types of services is that their schedules are not always guaranteed. This is because health challenges and various delays as a result of disabilities often cause this type of taxi to be late to their next pickup.

Most reputable taxi companies will not charge you extra for this type of service. The fare is usually negotiated as set fee or you can pay the normal meter rate. Some local taxi companies will even offer a ten percent discount on the fare for senior citizens. The key is to know that you should never be charged extra because you or someone you care for has a disability. However it always helps to tip the taxi driver well as they generally make a limited amount of money each day. This is because they are booked for trips every half hour and make less money than a regular taxi driver that is allowed to pick up passengers on the street all day.

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