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Types of Shuttles

When it comes to efficient, fast and friendly transportation shuttle service can be an easy solution to get you from one place to another. Unlike buses, shuttles are not intended to take you to a far away destination. Also unlike a bus it is not intended to make a lot of stops on the way to a destination. The main purpose of a shuttle is to get you to where you need to go as fast as possible. There are many different types of shuttles that you can use to get around in including airport shuttles, hotel shuttles, shopping, mall shuttles, attraction shuttles and neighborhood shuttles. You can also take a shuttle if you visit a museum, a zoo, a circus, a natural park, gardens or big theme park like Disney World. Some hotels also offer shuttles to natural attractions like a nearby sandy beach or a shopping district. Mostly though these shuttles transport tourists to major attractions, restaurants or shopping districts nearby.

Perhaps the shuttles that most people are most familiar with are the ones that have to do with airport transportation. Sometimes an airport shuttle is used to transport people from the airport terminal to a runway. Other airport shuttle services include the moving of people with baggage from one part of the airport to another such as from one terminal to another.

Another type of airport shuttle service moves passengers with airplane tickets from a hotel to the airport. Depending on the airport you may have to pay separately for the service but this is unusual. Usually these types of services feature an airport shuttle bus that leaves at several set times every day. These are known as hotel shuttles and many of them operate in big cities as familiar landmarks when it comes to finding the place where “you catch the shuttle to the airport.”

Sometimes shopping mall shuttles and neighborhood shuttles will also offer rides to an airport. Unlike a bus these shuttles do not make stops along the way and operate on a preset schedule. Usually this schedule is every hour on the hour or every half hour.

Neighborhood shuttles, also called mall shuttles, offer transportation from a commuter train stations, train stations or bus stations directly to a shopping center or a central shopping district in downtown. A conglomerate of businesses or the chamber of commerce usually pays for this type of shuttle service.

Yet another type of shuttle is the type that takes passenger around a very large mall. This is a great option for families with tired children, elderly people or people with disabilities. A similar type of shuttle is often operated at attractions like zoos, amusement parks or natural parks. These shuttles can cost a few dollars, but usually they are included with the price of admission to the attraction.

Of course the most famous shuttle in the world is the space shuttle, which like an earthbound shuttle makes no stops and just takes its passengers to a single destination – the space station.

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