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Types Of Free Medical Transport

The emergence of the demand for quality medical transportation in emergency and non-emergency purposes is becoming a commodity. Because of the best intentions of families to ensure quality medical transport for their loved ones, they are willing to pay for the best available transport services. Most of the time paid medical transportation facilities provide various levels of assistance such as senior transport, ill patientsí transport and emergency medical transport.

But apart from these quality medical transportation facilities that usually cost a lot of money, there are other options available for the financially challenged people. There are various non-profit organizations that provide their voluntary services to those in need for free.

Air Care Alliance, a product of the Air Med 90, the first national conference of public benefit flying organizations, is one of those volunteer services that accept patient air medical transport. They have listings of various contact groups all over United States that will aid in transferring a medical patient to any place needed. They are composed of volunteer pilots who not only assist in medical transport, but in other transportation areas as well, such as search and rescue operations, emergency preparedness, international work and environmental flying.

Another important company offering free medical transport is AirLifeLine, which offers free air transportation for patients that are unable to pay otherwise. AirLifeLine is an organization of volunteer pilots and drivers all over United States who transport medically stable, ambulatory patients between home and medical institutions. Their volunteer pilots give free flights to those who qualify to their requirements such as ambulatory and mobility of requesting patient, medical stability and ability of the patient to fly in an unpressurized plane, extreme financial incapability of the patient and the unavailability of other transportation resources.

Miracle Flights, another free medical transportation organization specially catering to kids, is a non-profit and charitable facility. It was founded in 1985, and is dedicated to transporting very sick children with grave financial obstacles who need medical attention. They are affiliated with volunteer pilots, commercial airlines and specific sponsors who finance their cause to aid in medical transportation.

These organizations are extremely helpful in times of need and financial troubles, and almost anyone is qualified to make use of their services. But of course, since their services do not require payments, their facilities may be of lesser quality and their service may be challenged by inadequate manpower. There may also be times that patients are treated indifferently or with less attention. Also, since they are merely sponsored and are not requiring payments, their facilities may fare poorly compared with standardized paid medical transportation facilities.

With some financial restraints one might consider free medical transport. These free medical transportation organizations are reachable through their online flight requests and may be contacted with inquiries and questions.

When in a dire need to transport a loved one, it is actually proper that we look for all possible and best sources. When comparing paid medical transportation to free medical transportation options, quality and service are very important notes to consider. We must always look for the best alternatives that will not be detrimental to the health of our loved ones.

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