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Transporting Your Wedding Party Via Bus– We Kid You Not!

Here’s a glamorous make over for the dark horse of public transport… the bus!

However we’re not talking of the buses that go around the city or every other block. This is a special kind of bus. Introducing the limousine bus – a larger than average limo you can hire for business trip, a leisurely trip with all the members of your family plus friends, or for transporting a wedding party.

Limo buses are the current grand fashion in the wedding planning industry. It has become so popular among customers deciding on a limousine service for a wedding party, mainly due to the practicality when dealing with a large group of people.

Note that the traditional limousine has the capacity to carry around 15 guests at one time. But the limo bus can hold up to 40 people comfortably! You can use these limo buses to transport the wedding guests from one location to another throughout the day. This especially beneficial in cases when the wedding ceremony is held in a church and the wedding reception will be held at a plush hotel a good distance away.

This saves both the couple and the guests worry about parking space or giving directions and maps, or arranging to make sure that everyone has a ride to the wedding reception venue. Add to that, its more comfortable for guests because the wide and comfortable interiors of the limo bus wouldn’t rumple their best suits and thousand-dollar dresses.

Now let’s talk about arriving in style… limo bus offers a more sensational look to a wedding event than a standard bus - you are assured of traveling in luxury! The limo bus combines the best of both worlds in terms of transportation and luxury.

It can accommodate up to 40 guests, all the while providing the different amenities of a limousine: the drinks, the entertainment, the seating, and the high-end ambience. You are guaranteed that family and friends attending the wedding will immensely enjoy the trip.

Limo buses, however, are not used exclusive to wedding events. Limo buses are also popular in corporate events, baptisms, bachelor or bachelorette parties, prom nights, or for touring around the city in style!

Since it has the luxury of accommodating up to 40 people and has all the amenities you can really enjoy, the limo bus is no doubt a fancier and classier upgrade of the conventional bus.

The limo buses are the more practical choice for corporate functions or travel plans involving larger groups of participants. Rather than hire several rental cars for out-of-town trips or excursions, even off-site inspections, most companies prefer to hire a limo to make sure that their valued employees are treated with the comfort and luxury they deserve.

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