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Limo Rental Basics: Tipping Your Chauffeur

Tipping an individual for any rendered service meant to show appreciation. Before, it is an optional bonus allotted at the judgment of the individual paying for the service. Tipping, in recent years, has been a mandatory obligation, regardless of the service that has been rendered.

When getting a limo as car service, tipping the chauffeur would depend on a number of factors. Some limousine companies would have a mandatory tip of 15-20% included in the price of the limo rental, even if you have hired the limo for a short period of time. Although this may appear to be unfair, the fee would actually compensate and protect the limo chauffeur.

Usually, short-term limousine rentals are used by teenagers and young adults who are going out to a prom night, school dance, or concerts. This age group would not even think of tipping the chauffeur for a good service rendered. This is the reason the mandatory tip of 15 to 20% is built into the price of the rental. The limousine company would be the one giving the tip to the chauffer after the rental is over.

Depending on the event, there are limo companies that offer additional services which will be performed by the chauffeur during the whole limo rental period. These include food and beverage services, photography services, and red carpet rollout usually required for weddings. Since these services are additional services to be performed by the chauffer, it is likely that the customer will tip the chauffeur if the job has been performed well.

If in case the tip percentage has already been included in the limo rental price, it is at the discretion of the customer if the chauffeur would be given additional compensation. Since most companies already include the price of the tip to the cost of the limo rental, this makes easy for the individual getting the limo service to decide whether to tip and how much to tip the chauffeur.

However, if the chauffeur has delivered the required services exceptionally, one may feel inclined to give them additional compensation. Remember that this is not expected or required for you to do.

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