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The Stretch Limo: How Many People Can it Carry?

The number of people that would fit into the limousine would greatly affect the decision of an individual when hiring a limousine service. The purpose of getting a limo service is the overall comfort for the people who be using the limo. Remember that the number of people that can fit into a stretched limo depends on the style and size of the limousine chosen. If there is not enough room inside the limousine, all of the passengers would experience difficulty during the entire trip.

Nowadays, there are a lot of types and models of stretched limousines available. The smallest stretched limos can normally carry up to six passengers and the driver. This type of limousines typically follows a basic seating pattern: two seats that are directly behind the compartment, two seats on the side of the limo, and two seats at the back of the limo. You can sit an additional person in the driverís compartment in the front of the car. However, this is usually not desirable. Located at the side of the limo that is not used for seating typically is the bar area and audio/visual system.

Meanwhile, the mid-sized stretched limousines can carry up to 10 passengers. Most of these limos are very much similar to the six-seater limousines, with the major differences of being longer in length and more amenities included in the limoís passenger area. Additional amenities available in these mid-sized stretched limos include fiber optic lighting to make the interior of the limousine look more like a nightclub, a bar area fully stocked with drinks and beverages, and state of the art audio/visual systems.

Lastly, the larger stretched limousines can carry between 16 and 20 passengers. However, this depends on the type of the chosen stretched limousine. These limousines are regularly hired by larger groups of people for travelling to venues like sports arena, casino, or reception hall. Before choosing the type of limousine to be rented for the event, the decision should depend on the accurate count of the number of expected passengers. These limousines can be rented per hour of use, or can be rented for the entire day of the event. Examples of these types of limos are commonly super stretched models of popular SUVís like the Cadillac Escalades or Hummers.

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