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Ten Best Limos

Generally, the limousine is already in itself a much-celebrated vehicle, turned to by many who are looking for a ride that exudes luxury and class. For any of hundreds of possible purposes, people go out of their way to either rent a limousine service, or for the filthy rich, actually purchase one, for the main purpose of basking in the kind of grandeur and elegance that only comes from riding one of these moving testaments of posh living.

The typical image of the limousine is that which is mostly paraded around in flashy events – the stretch limousine. With its extended length as its signature factor, the stretch limousine is recognizable to any individual, and through popular culture has become the “face” of the entire limousine line.

However, the limousine comes in a multitude of styles, each one capable of boasting its own kind of “character”. Though they come with styles different from each other, they collectively maintain the aura of flash, posh, class and style.

1. Cadillac Escalade limo

This combines the traditional stretch limo with the bulk and muscle of the SUV. Already a popular choice among celebrities, this model has an 18-passenger capacity, giving enough room for an entire entourage ready to have a good time.

2. H2 Hummer Limo

This type brings together the seemingly unimaginable combination of the stretch limousine, and the monster vehicle the Hummer. The installed safety features make this another favorite among the famous. This seats up to 18.

3. H1 Hummer Limo

Similar to the H2 Hummer limo, this model brings in similar features, but is less popular.

4. Lincoln Town Car Limo

Considered one of the classiest limousine models, this is all about the class and style of the limousine, amplified. It fuses elegance and safety, the latter’s testaments being the impressive record that assures the passenger a worry-free ride. This seats a maximum of 16 passengers.

5. Lincoln Navigator SUV Limo

Another model that fuses the grunt of the SUV with the stylishness of the limousine, this model with its beverage service, lounge-style seating arrangement, and fiber optic lighting (among other features), this model has become another favorite – among celebrities, as well as businessmen and teenagers on their way to prom. Also seats up to 16.

6. Chrysler 300 Limo

At a length 6 inches longer than the normal Chrysler 300 model, this luxury vessel offers more legroom, and more comfort for the passengers. Also seats a maximum of 16.

7. Dodge Charger Limo

Similar to the Lincoln and the Chrysler, this vehicle seats up to 16, and also allows for a multitude of possible features, including a hot tub and a mirrored ceiling.

8. Mini Cooper Limo

Known as one of the customizable limo models, this brings together the sleek, fashionable image of the Mini Cooper, and adds to it the stretch of the typical stretch limousine. Also seats up to 16.

9. BMW Limo

Carrying the unmistakably posh and respected reputation of the BMW, this promises the same luxurious feel of the vehicle line, coupled to the elegance of the limousine.

10. Audi Limo

Audi vehicles have achieved great and impressive regard in Europe and around the world. This bold customization also allows the passenger to show off the classic limousine image, with the more modern feel of Audi.

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