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Shuttle Travel Tips

There are two main types of shuttle service first there is the kind of shuttle service that is used to take people from one place to another within an area like an airport or convention center and then there is the type of shuttle service that takes travelers from a specified hotel or mall to a tourist attraction or to the airport. Many hotels all over the country offer airport shuttle buses and there are thousands of independent shuttle service companies taking millions of customers from their homes to the airports and back around the country as well.

No matter what type of shuttle you are thinking of taking, whether it is an airport shuttle bus or a shuttle to a particular attraction like Disney World, there are some basic things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your shuttle trip.

For one thing it is important to get to the shuttle service stop early and line up if you want a good seat, like a window seat. There is no reserved seating with this kind of shuttle travel or shuttle airport transportation. You need to remember to bring your suitcases with you to the shuttle as well.

When using an airport shuttle services it is unavoidable that you could end up taking a lot of carry-on bags with you. Most airport shuttle vehicles are quite secure, but you still need to keep an eye on your bags, unless you have checked them in somewhere else in the airport.

It usually is a good idea to have an exact fare amount in cash when you are taking a shuttle to/from the airport as shuttle driver rarely take checks or credit cards. Some shuttle companies also allow customers to prepay for the service by credit card when they place a reservation ahead of time.

Lately there has been a trend for bus and shuttle companies to completely cover their windows with advertising, so if you like to look out the window while traveling, then be ware of shuttles that are enclosed. You can always ask airport, hotel or attraction personnel whether or not a shuttle has this somewhat annoying feature.

Keep in mind that it is not that unusual for many airports, hotels and attractions to have free shuttles from one place to another, so make a point about asking your hotel about this.

In order to secure a space on a shuttle during a busy time of year it is a good idea to reserve your shuttle ticket early. Also it may make sense to give yourself a few extra minutes when you are traveling to the airport to make sure you will not miss your plane.

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