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Prom Limousine Rental Tips

Donít be surprised to find out that renting a limousine for your prom is much more expensive than renting airport transportation, a car service or a limousine for your wedding. This is because renting a prom limousine requires a much larger damage deposit then renting an airport limo or wedding limousine. There is not much mystery behind it as it is widely known that younger people tend to abuse a limo service more in general.

Many companies have retaliated against vomit on the car floors, torn up upholstery and cigarette burns by asking for damage deposits that are as high as eighty percent of the rental fee. This is why when you get a limousine quote for a car to be rented for a prom it is important to ask what the damage deposit is. Also most limousine quotes that you get sometimes do not include additional fees like booking fees. Be sure to ask the limo rental representative what to expect in a contract before you give them your credit card.

For best results if you are a teenager who is renting a limousine yourself, have your credit card ready or have your parentís credit card ready to reserve a vehicle. If you must call yourself and you are young it helps to be polite and patient. Do not be surprised if you have to call several places if you have not booked your limo rental weeks in advance. Unlike an airport limo or airport car service a prom limousines are rarely available during the prom season. Limo rentals for proms are quite impossible to get the night before the event, so it is best to plan ahead and book one as soon as possible.

Donít be satisfied with a limousine rental that requires a lot of cash upfront. Any booking or damage deposit should be done with a credit card, so you can get your money back if the limousine does not show up. By the way the damage deposit is usually deducted from your credit card balance immediately. Some limousine rentals even ask for 100% upfront and deduct damage from the limousine from that amount. Sometimes it can also be very hard to prove that your party did not do the stated damage to the limousine. Keeping damage deposits is a kind of legal scam pulled off by some limousine services, so make sure to ask about their policies when you reserve a limousine.

If you are not sure if the limo company is a reliable company you might want to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if it is a company that has had a lot of recent consumer complaints. If so, then steer away from this particular company as chances are you will not be happy with their service just like those previous customers and there is a higher chance that this company would not even be properly licensed.

No matter where you rent your limousine be sure to get all the details in writing including the type or style of a vehicle that will pick you up. Some limo companies will ask for you to put in a second choice of car if for some reason your first choice of limousine is not available. Make sure you get a copy of this in print, so you can take it back to the limousine rental company if needed later.

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