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The Pomp and Prestige Of The Limousine

An emblem of power and luxury, the limousine is the car that promises its rider a posh ride, and a flashy entrance. The air of superiority infused within the vehicle never fails to waft through anyone it passes, thereby sealing its reputation as one of the top notch, full-blown status symbols for the wealthy.

This image has made the limousine one of the first choices for anyone from politicians to celebrities. Whether it’s a heads of state meeting, a corporate convention, or a red carpet event, anyone who is anyone can be expected parting the crowd with the limousine almost every time.

The limousine’s history traces back to the origin of its name; it goes back to the 18th century, in a French region known as Limousin. It was said that the citizens of this province were known to wear cloaks very similar to the car’s general profile. The trend eventually caught on and became the preference of the region’s upper crust, and this reputation continues today.

The Limousine is best known as either black or white, the two classic tints of the luxury car. However, preferences have expanded over the years, and the vehicle can now be seen in colors that may be deemed unconventional, such as pink, magenta, or blue.

Aside from the variety of colors, the Limousine also boasts of different styles.

The traditional limousines are those shaped like ordinary cars with four doors; their distinction comes from the fact that these vehicles come equipped with features such as a television, a CD/DVD player, and other extras such as a refrigerator and a bar. It also boasts of more legroom for the forward-facing passengers, due to the vehicle’s longer wheelbase.

Another would be the well-known stretch limousine – that which, compared to the other types, is most paraded in flashy events, and most preferred during special occasions. Compared to the traditional limousines, the stretch allows for 15 passengers, as the seats are set along the inside’s length, allowing for better positioning and easier communication between its passengers. The stretch limos come in black or white.

A somewhat sedan-bus hybrid, the stage limousine diverts from the traditional limousine characteristics. A notable feature would be the multiple doors, and the baggage compartment on the vehicle’s roof. This type is also used as the transportation for the deceased person’s family to the cemetery.

The custom limousines allow the owner to have a hand in its look, mostly for the sake of personalization, or mere preference. These cars are mostly vehicles such as Cadillacs, Hummers, or Lincolns, with several additions such as a hot tub, a bedroom, or safety features such as bulletproof windows. This also grants privacy, by means of a soundproof sliding glass partition between the driver and the passenger.

Finally there is the party bus: this vehicle’s main feature is the fact that it can accommodate a total between 20 and 35 passengers, and is set up to provide its riders with a full party experience. Usually rented, these vehicles also allow smoking, and come with features such as a surround sound system, plasma televisions, disco lights, and even smoke machines.

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