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Medical Transportation Company Choices in US

Distressed situations such as emergencies will always require a quick response, and quality medical attention. Because of that, hospitals are not the only ones offering medical transportation services for the use of everyone.

There are many government organizations offering their services for those in need of medical transportation. The U.S. Department of Transportation has a toll free hotline for patients requiring medical transport and this has been a great help to many citizens since it was launched in 2002. They specialize in making it well known to everyone that services such as medical transportation are available. Their most popular feature is the American Air Ambulance, which aids ailing patients and emergency situations in domestic and international inter-facility medical transport, responding to every need and requiring any level of assistance. They are manned specially by medical professionals like nurses, paramedical personnel and doctors who provide necessary medical support and care to patients while in flight. All these years, they have helped in situations of varying intensity, from stranded and injured hikers to severely afflicted cancer patients. They also carry out door-to-door service for patients using air medical transportation, relocating ill patients of different kinds.

The Mayo Health Organization is another company facilitating land and air medical transport to their patients going to their health centers and back. They assure transportation with the greatest levels of expertise to the victims, using the most appropriate vehicles that will meet the patientís needs. They are equipped with dispatch systems that assist in sending out the needed transportation after thorough evaluation of the assistance needed by their patient. Mayo Health Organization representatives offer cost estimates for all inquiries.

The Ameritrans is another medical transportation facility equipped to aid in long-distance non-emergency medical transportation. They provide ground medical transportation upon arrangement with great comfort, service and care. They offer their services to ferry patients across the United States while given absolute convenience. They also cater to non-medical transportation for people with disabilities or inabilities who cannot travel alone on a plane. They also allow one other rider to accompany the patient with no extra charge. All of their transportation facilities could be monitored by global satellite devices, making it possible for anxious families to contact or check patients while on the road.

These companies and other mentioned companies offer ground and air medical transportation with varying price ranges. Estimates of costs can be obtained by looking them up online or visiting their centers which are located all over United States.

However, there are also other non-profit organizations offering the same service. They may offer their assistance for free, utilizing volunteer medical professionals, pilots and drivers in delivering the most essential care in medical transportation.

One must weigh the options and look at all possible resources to look for the best medical transportation needed for a loved one. Medical transportation, whether emergency or non-emergency, should be considered with serious care. Medical transportation companies offer their best service and may vary in the extent of assistance that they present, and usually they have the best equipment to offer.

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