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Limousine Types: What’s What

The limousine has managed to establish itself as the car of luxury, wealth, class and elegance, all in one. The image of power and style it exudes is almost unparalleled, and it is this very reason that the vehicle has become one of the most sought after vehicles by anyone who wants a transportation experience that would be remembered for years to come.

The limousine’s general image is that of the stretch kind: a long, black, sleek vehicle, the inside of which is known to be more, if not as luxurious as the exterior. But there are actually different kinds of limousines – some have existed as long as the stretch types, and some have come from the imaginations of car enthusiasts wealthy enough to have limousines custom-made to suite their taste. When it comes to the latter, there are practically no limits to the types of limousines they would be seen cruising around in.

Here is a rundown of the available kinds of limousines, from the most traditional to the outrageous.

• Traditional limousines

These are the usual sedan-shaped model, but with an extra image factor: the black limousine, with extended frames and wheelbase for additional space for passengers. These limousines are known to carry up to ten passengers, depending on the vehicle’s size. These vehicles usually come with luxury audio systems, a refreshment area with a minibar and refrigerator, and usually, a television set.

These limousines usually come in either black or white.

Stretch limousines

This type is the most popular, as it is usually what is presented during flashy, hip events. With a body frame much longer than the traditional limousine, the stretch limousine can hold up to 15 passengers. The larger interior space is coupled with a seating arrangement that includes long seats attached to long interior side. This also allows for better communication among passengers.

• Stage limousines

This model significantly moves away from the traditional limousine look, as it sports a look that looks like a cross between a sedan and a bus. Usually coming with multiple forward-facing seat rows just like a usual bus, this type allows from larger passenger capacity. A notable feature of the stage limousine would be the multiple doors, and the baggage compartment located on the vehicle’s roof.

This type is used for transportation of large groups of people, during occasions such as weddings, or funerals.

• Exotic limousines

A more accurate description for this type would be the custom limousines: those that go through a series of alterations slated to cater to the individual aesthetic preferences of their owners. When it comes to this particular model, everything goes, from changing the color to the interior features. Exotic limousines that feature other known car models customized to fit the general limousine image are not unheard of, and have been very popular, usually with celebrities.

This particular type is perhaps the one that encourages personalization and creativity the most. Additional features that have been added include a working hot tub, a bedroom, and safety features installed for high-profile individuals. These safety features range from the usual tinted windows to a bulletproof exterior.

Those who yearn for privacy within the vehicle may also opt to have soundproofed sliding glass partitions situation between the driver and the passenger area.

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