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Limousine Rentals for All Occasions

Special events come only once in a while in your lives. Going to the prom, celebrating an anniversary, maybe even a wedding creates an opportunity for you to celebrate and to treat yourself to the finer things in life – like a limousine ride.

Limousine services need not only be for the rich and famous who can afford to splurge. Any one can now avail of this luxury, it just takes careful planning. For something as grand as this, of course you need to make sure that you are getting not only the best time of your life, but also the best deal.

So, how do you make that special night of yours even more extraordinary?

The first thing that you need to do is to look up limousine services and luxury car rentals. Before even calling them and getting cost estimates, have an idea of what kind of vehicle you would like to rent out. There is a wide array of choices such as a traditional limo, a stretch limo or maybe the SUV variety. Also, pick a hue that would be appropriate for the occasion, or the impression that you would like to create. For instance, a white stretch limo would be just perfect for a traditional, romantic church wedding while a black one would be ideal for a formal evening affair. You also need to consider the size of the limo you choose to make sure you would not be squeezing in with the people who are riding with you inevitably causing creases in your beautiful gown or suit.

Now you are ready to phone different limousine service providers in your area. Do not settle for the first limo service that gives you what you think is a reasonable rental fee. Remember that there is always room to haggle. Call them up one by one and ask for the cost of the vehicle you want to rent. When you have a list of the prices, choose the lowest fee and call the most highly regarded limo service and see if they can compete with the price you have. Maybe they can even give you a lower fee. Keep on doing this until you get the best deal. Remember though that the best deal does not only involve the lowest cost but also getting the limo of your choice.

When you have already committed to a limousine service provider, know which chauffeur will be taking care of you. Early on the day or night of your celebration, make sure to give a generous tip to your chauffeur. Keep in mind that he’ll be driving you round town, opening doors for you, and waiting for you so keep him happy. Also, you or your friends might have other special requests and a pleased chauffeur would be more willing to accommodate than one who does not know how much extra he will earn.

Your limousine ride will definitely be a distinct and vivid memory in your mind. Make sure that you enjoy it to its fullest by setting it up in advance.

Knowing the limo you would like to rent, comparing prices and haggling, or even asking for discounts, then tipping your chauffeur generously before you even get in the town car guarantees a celebration you will always treasure.

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