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Limousine Rental Types: One for Each Experience

Renting a limousine generally provides you with a grand, luxurious experience that will stay with you for a long time. The added class is always a welcome thing, and limousines give you just that.

The limousine’s many additions – those that one would never find with any other kind of vehicle – give you the kind of experience that comes with a few extras. The bar, the entertainment center, and the extra room, just to name a few, are what make this vehicle stand out amongst the rest.

However, the developing craze for limos has also brought about a few other options, mainly regarding the actual limousine model. Remember: it is both the features of the vehicle, and the vehicle itself, that determine the kind of time you will have. Your ride, and your entrance, in some way depend upon the type of limousine you arrive in. The many kinds suit a range of occasions, and as any person knows, there is always one kind that goes best with the particular event or occasion.

Cadillac Escalade Limousine

This is the limousine that comes at the forefront of style. One of the newest additions to the line-up, this kind of limo provides you with the largest seating capacity, as well as impressive interior features such as an LCD TV, bars, and the top-of-the-line sound system. A stretch limo, this model ensures that you arrive at your destination with the kind of style and experience you would otherwise only dream of.

Lincoln Navigator Limousine

Considered one of the classiest models available, this fuses style and elegance for the passenger. This model is known to be the most popular of all, and has maintained its reputation of prestige and class, with its smooth lines and luxurious interior features. It also boasts of adaptability and power, ensuring dependable performance. This model is also known for its passenger safety record, giving the passenger a worry-free ride. With the combination of luxury, great performance and safety, this model presents you with everything you need for a smooth and wonderful time.

Chrysler 300 Limousine

By itself, the Chrysler 300 already presents a great degree of style and luxury; to travel in one converted to a limousine only adds to the already impressive experience. This model stands out as it maintains the style and image of the luxury car, even when literally stretched to extra lengths to become a limousine. Measuring at 6 inches longer than the usual 300, this gives the passenger the ample room and the right amount of style that may sometimes be compromised by other stretch limousine models.

Hummer Limousine

The Hummer is in itself a monster of a vehicle, attracting attention to its brute exterior and reputation of power. However, when stretched out to become a limousine, the possibilities for what this vehicle may exude are limited only to a person’s imagination.

This vehicle allows a maximum of 24 passengers – double that of the usual 12 of stretch limousines.

The Hummer’s ability to traverse rugged terrain is brought together with the class of the stretch limo, giving you a hybrid vehicle that maintains its elegance while taking on the most challenging of roads. The huge interior space also allows for a few extras, such as lighted dance floors. Anyone wanting to receive the most amount of attention should definitely consider this model.

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