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Limousine Service Tips

No matter what type of airport transportation you need, whether it be an ordinary car service, an elegant limo service, a wedding limousine or a prom limousine there are certain basic tips that apply to renting any type of limousine service.

When it comes to limousines you need to make sure you will be dealing with a reputable company. Make sure they have certification or are a member of limo service organization like National Limousine Association or one the state limousine associations.

Keep in mind that if it is an airport limo that you are after that it can be rented very cheaply if you need it in the off-hours. This is because most airport limousine companies do not have enough business sometimes and you can even rent a limousine for about as much as a taxi ride.

Reputable limo companies also offer several methods of payment including all types of credit card payments. Beware of limo services that do not offer credit cards as a payment method and want cash payments upfront. This may not be a legitimate limousine company and it is possible that the car would just not show up when you expect it.

Be sure to get a few limousine quotes before you lease one. Our site has very convenient online Get Limo Quotes feature that will provide you with multiple limousine service quotes from a number of reputable local companies.

If you are renting a limo with the intention of going to the airport the limousine service will sometimes provide you with a flat rate. You should always ask for a flat rate as it may be cheaper than renting an airport limo service by the hour.

If you are planning a prom limousine service or a wedding limousine rental then you need to remember that many limo companies divide their day into three eight hour shifts of morning, noon and night and that each shift requires a separate booking fee. This means that if your wedding or prom is between four and eight o’clock then you might be charged double the flat fees as most day periods of block rental end at six and most night periods of block rental last until midnight.

Beware that some limousine companies may misrepresent their airport service by leading you to believe that you will be having service direct to the airport, and instead these companies operate more like buses and will pick up several passengers on the way to the airport.

Yet another thing that you might want to ask is whether or not the limousine you have reserved is smoking or non-smoking. If smocking, ask if it had been smoked in earlier that day. Some people are allergic to smoke or a new bride may not want her wedding dress to smell like smoke. Many limo services have a policy that their more expensive limos are non-smoking. Yet other companies have fleets of battered up magazines that have burn marks in them and are mainly used to transport teenagers to proms and rock concerts.

Finally, if it is a limousine that you want make sure that you have specifically reserved one. All too often people call a car service only to realize that they had to specify that what they wanted was a real limousine and not a mini-van or regular sedan.

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