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Limousine Rental Etiquette – Five Guidelines to Remember

A limousine at one’s disposal is an added perk, and then some. The kind of experience that can be had only when traveling in a vehicle of reputable style and class is something that does not come cheap, but at the end of the day, it is worth every penny. As a paying customer, one is expected to just sit back and enjoy the ride – literally.

However, just like any other paying customer of any other service, a certain number of rules must still be observed. While it is true that you are paying for limo service, there is also the fact that you also have a certain number of responsibilities to keep in mind, both as a passenger and as a potential party host:

1. Don’t Overcrowd

While it is always fun to enjoy a limousine ride with a number of friends, if you are the one in charge, there is the reminder that despite the size, a limousine, just like any other car, has a limited passenger capacity. While it is understandable that the luxury and the glitz may overwhelm and attract the enthusiasm of any limousine passenger, it is important to remember that safety must never be overlooked. And in this case, the party organizer must keep the number of passengers in mind when renting a limousine: opting for those with greater passenger capacity would provide the greatest degree of safety, if you are traveling with a larger group of friends than usual.

2. Don’t Scratch the Limo!

The mere act of renting a limousine is in itself anything but cheap; with this in mind, try to consider just how much the rental company spent to actually buy the vehicles. These are incredibly expensive automobiles that they bought, and then let you use for a mere fraction of the price. It would be best for you as a passenger to respect this fact, and use the vehicle with respect and care.

3. No one is above the law

The fact that the vehicle is rented does not excuse the passenger from indulging in illegal acts such as underage drinking, drug use, and for some cases, standing through the sunroof (despite what movies show). Breaking these laws could very well land anyone behind bars, regardless of how much they paid for the service. The passenger must also remember that, as a precaution for situations that involve illegal acts, limousine rental companies have formed policies stating that they have the authority to terminate a customer’s ride without a refund.

4. Keep your things to yourself

With any other circumstance, it would be best for you to safeguard your belongings and always keep them near your person. Always take your valuables with you when exiting the limousine, even if you plan to return. Lost personal belongings are not the responsibility of the limousine driver, or the rental service. In fact, they state explicitly that they cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of any valuables.

5. Unsolicited tips are always welcome

Although you have already paid for the excellent rental service, it is never a bad idea to give the chauffeur a generous 15-20% gratuity tip, as an act of thanksgiving for his service. Make sure to hand it to him enclosed in an envelope; tipping customary, and in most cases, well earned: most chauffeurs are friendly and will treat you well, provided you stayed within your limits and behaved properly as a customer and limousine passenger.

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