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Limousine Service Guidelines And Suggestions

When considering a limo rental first of all try to determine exactly what type of service you are willing to pay for and make an attempt to find a limo rental company that can accommodate your needs. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when renting a limo is assuming that the rental company will know exactly what you want. Make sure you put your expectations of the service down in writing and that a contract is signed, so you can get your money back if it become necessary later.

A typical mistake that people make when renting a limo is that they forget to request the exact type of vehicle that they want. People are often aghast to find they have rented a van with LIMO SERVICE written on the side rather than that romantic limousine they wanted for their wedding, but at that time it is generally too late to change anything.

To prevent this type of misunderstanding from taking place here is a checklist of some point that you may need to consider before renting.

Request the specific type of car. Make sure that the limousine service knows whether or not you want the regular or late model limousine. Define what “stretch limo” means if you need to rent a limousine for a large number of people. Let the company know if you want to rent a limousine that is equipped with a stereo or DVD system, a phone, a bar and privacy screen. You should also be specific in your request if you desire to rent a certain type of car or limo as in an antique car or limousine.

Define the rates and extra charges. When it comes to figuring out your total cost for the limo rental make sure what additional things like special weekday rates, airport transfer rates and the limo driver will cost you. Ask too what the driver should be getting as a percentage for the tip. Usually it is fifteen to twenty percent of the total cost.

What type of payment is accepted? You may also to inquire if payments can be made by traveler’s check or credit card. Some companies do not accept corporate limo accounts. Others will only accept cash upfront or automatically deduct the entire price of the limo rental from your credit card account. You might also want to ask if you get any type of refund on a damage deposit or booking fee if you cancel the limousine service and what type of notice is required to cancel the limousine.

Define what is expected of the driver. This becomes especially handy if you have booked the limo in advance and your plane is late to arrive to its destination. You need to know how long the driver will wait for you at the airport and what the waiting time rate is going to cost. You should also find out if there is a big monetary price to pay if you have to cancel. This is also a case where it is absolutely essentially to get details from the limo rental company down in print so you don’t end up paying for your mistakes later on.

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