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Limo Rental Etiquette Guide

Here are a few rules of limousine etiquette you might want to consider when riding a limousine whether itís an airport limo transfer, hourly rental, wedding limo service or any other type of limousine rental.

First of all, a limousine is meant to be a sophisticated, civilized experience that symbolizes class and a certain level of sophistication. For this reason it is not a good idea to dive or leap into the limo. It is also customary for women to be let into the limousine first and also let out first. The male passenger must also hold the door open for the female passengers. The female passenger must also be careful not to flash people (as many of us have seen Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton do) when they get out of a limousine. When getting into a limousine it is customary for a women to get in sideways by crossing one leg over another and not bend over and crawl in.

If the limousine has been specifically designated as a non-smoking limousine make an effort not to smoke in it. If you do smoke while you are in it and an odor is detected or the leather or upholstery is damaged with cigarette burns you might even have to pay for the damage. The same goes if you have been given a rental limousine designated for smoking. Use the ashtrays and not the floor or you could end up paying for it. It is also considered to be very bad manners to flick a cigarette out of a window or out of the top of a sunroof in a limousine.

If you are considering having spontaneous sex in the back of a limousine it is customary to ask the driver to roll up the privacy screen. The same is expected if you are about to have an insulting, loud or rude verbal exchange of any kind. The limo driver should not be subjected to any type of verbal abuse or intimate scenes.

If you have some predetermined expectations for your chauffeur you may need to outline those to the limo rental company prior to placing a reservation. For instance, not all limousine driver are expected to leave the car to open a door for a passenger. If you want make sure your limousine chauffeur does this or does other things like serve you champagne then make sure that it is all mentioned in your rental contract.

If you are planning to drive around and party in your limo it is also a good idea to put your garbage in designated containers. This is because you can be charged extra if your garbage stains or smells up the limousine to the point where it needs a professional cleaning.

At the end of your trip donít forget to tip the limousine driver. Limousine chauffeur are typically tipped between fifteen and twenty percent of the total bill for the limousine unless they have performed less than satisfactorily. In theory you donít have to tip at all if you feel that the limo driver has done something to endanger your personally or driving unsafely. You also donít have to tip the driver if he shows up extremely late to pick you up to go to your destination. You can also ask for your money back if you miss a plane because of a limo driverís delayed arrival for an airport transfer.

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