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How to Find a Cheap Limo Rental

Is this the first time you're getting a limo for that special occasion? You want to go to the school dance in style but without blowing your wallet? That could be done. It's possible to get that limo even on a budget, you just need to know how to do it. Getting a limo need not be expensive. Here are the ways to do just that.

Be aggressive when you comparison shop. Talk to several limousine companies. And get their quotes in writing. But make sure to get quotes only from those companies which have good customer service over the phone. A good customer service is one sure indicator of a limousine company with good services.

Then compare all the quotes and find the best one. Keep this an apple for apple thing. If need be, discard any add-on service you don't really need, so that you can have an even comparison between quotes. Then call each of the other companies in return and ask if they can match the best offer. Using this method, you can get a discount of up to 25%.

For additional savings, ask another couple or two to ride the limo and split the bill with you. Yup, splitting the bill two or three ways is definitely one way to have huge savings on a limousine ride to the prom. The ride to the prom becomes more enjoyable with the other couple friends along.

With these easy to follow steps the limo ride becomes more affordable, and you'd be able to enjoy your prom date in style. With just a little ground work, and some camaraderie the limo rental is just within reach, and would make the prom even more memorable.

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