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How To Get A Shuttle In An Airport

It is easy to get a shuttle in an airport. This is because there are many booths and kiosks in all major airports that are prominently marked as airport shuttle bus.

If you are looking to get a shuttle downtown or to a hotel then you can buy your ticket in advance. Most travel agencies sell them and so do hotels. Sometimes the shuttle bus ticket is included with the cost of a plane ticket. You donít have to make reservations in advance, but that can prevent you from having to wait in line if you have one.

Some people also prefer paying for airport shuttle service with a credit card and there are even online services (hint, hint) that can help you book these shuttles. It is a popular form of airport transportation, so you might want to do this if you want to reserve a seat. Otherwise you can often pay cash fare directly to the shuttle service driver who will punch out a ticket for you. Many airport shuttles now have automatic ticket vending machines in the airports as well. Some airport shuttles also takes credit cards and you can pay as you board the bus. It really does depend on the particular shuttle service.

There should not be that much confusion when it comes to catching a shuttle bus in an airport. Usually airport personnel are fairly helpful and there are usually signs pointing you in the right direction as well. Once you find the location for the shuttle bus there are usually airport shuttle staff on hand to help you board the shuttle, store your luggage, process any ticket payments and answer most commonly asked questions.

Every shuttle bus company is different. Some operate curbside only and others have big shiny counters. No matter how you pay you are usually entered into some kind of system that tells you where you will be routed along with a receipt, which is actually your ticket. If you need a receipt for tax purposes you may need to get a separate receipt from a teller at a counter inside the airport.

One drawback of airport shuttles is that some companies do not release one unless there are enough passengers to fill a bus. This means that you have to wait for some time before a shuttle is released from the shuttle companyís lot to pick up a full set of passengers. On the other hand if the airport is busy you benefit from this way of doing business as a packed curbside can mean that the shuttle company is providing back-to-back bus service or shuttle bus service every five minutes.

In general boarding is generally a no fuss experience when it comes to shuttles and you are usually delivered promptly and efficiently to your destination. Sometimes, however airport traffic and bad weather can cause delays. Yet another drawback is that sometimes the view out the window on a shuttle bus is not very scenic as the most direct route is the one that is usually very urban and on a packed highway.

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