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Energize Your Publicity Campaign: Hire an Exotic Limo

To be noticeable from the crowd would be the ultimate goal of every public relations firm which the business hired for its own promotions. A unique way to do this is to use an exotic limousine for any business events in order to create a lasting impression in the business world. Currently, this is a greatly underused technique for promotions. If properly utilized, this would ensure that other people from competing businesses attending the same function as your company is would surely be paying attention, and the image of arriving in an exotic limo will remain in as their fancy for quite a while.

Today, there are many different types of exotic limos that are available depending on your needs. The most popular among stretched limos based on luxury SUVís are the hummer limo, the BMW X5 limo, the Cadillac Escalade limo, and the Lincoln Navigator limo.

These limos would be able to carry about16 to 30 passengers. Most of these large limos include a bar area fully stocked with drinks and beverages, audio/visual systems that are up to date, mirrors or fiber optic lighting in the ceilings, and seating styled as a lounge. By the sheer size of these limousines and the additional amenities available inside the passenger area will ensure that your party would be arriving to the business event comfortably and in style.

Over the years, different types of sports cars have also been made into exotic limos to accommodate demands from choosy customers. An example of this is the recently released Ferrari 360 Moderna limo, which has been impressing people in Europe for its design. Imagine, this limo has sleek styling, and has 400 horsepower engine which in less than 6 seconds, can rocket the vehicle from 0 to 60. As an addition to this limoís wonderful design, it also has hydraulic powered gull wing doors.

Mechanics in Australia have developed an ultimate Porsche stretch limo for special occasions from a base car that was a convertible. Even Mini Coopers have been turned into exotic limos. It has been stretched more by five feet and it has six wheels. There are two wheels in front of the vehicle, and two pairs of wheels in the back. Above the back wheels is a built-in, easy-to-operate hot tub.

If you are looking for the best impression for your business, there is always an exotic limo you can hire to make the statement. Using these exotic limousines, you are ensured that your party would be arriving at the business event in comfort and style. You are also guaranteed that people attending the same event would be talking about it for a long while. Isnít this a better way to publicize your business?

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