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The Evolution of the Limousine

Limousines come in different varieties to choose from, and is often difficult to choose from the impressive and sophisticated models available.

Limos are the preferred modes of transport to and from airports, proms, weddings, birthdays or other special occasions that need that extra oomph. Other times, people say they hire limo services because its more practical to travel together than get separate car rentals.

Imagine the convenience of travelers and tourists who can now enjoy city tours while sipping cold drinks from the plush seats of their rented limousines. They are brought to and from different shopping districts without them having to worry about parking space constraints or reading complicated maps to get directions.

Add to that, they’re free to dance and drink as much as they want when they go club hopping, or attend parties and gatherings because they don’t have to think about driving back to the hotel – their rented limousine is just one phone call away.

Yes limousines are both luxurious and practical that even the U.S. President rides in one. The Chief Executive has had a bullet-proof Cadillac DeVille designed especially made for him.

Limousines have become a common sight in recent decades, but it’s probably important to ask where the limousines came from?

History tells us that the term limousine came from the French region Limousin because of the hoods worn by people in the area reminded the linguists of a car.

The Limousine is a stretched luxury car with a sliding glass window between the passengers side and the driver--a defining characteristic of the limo - that provides privacy for the passengers. The earliest ancestor of the Limousine was the big sedan which had two rows of seats but still left plenty of legroom for other passengers

The seats were modified so that passengers can enjoy decent and animated face-to-face conversations, although the seats can be positioned normally if the passengers so desired.

Another predecessor of the modern-day limousines is the horse-drawn stagecoach, which was used to carry multiple passengers at one time. This model could very well be the first hybrid – as it had aspects of a passenger bus combined with the features of sedan.

On the other hand, it was from the station wagons that the limousines got the idea of using a roof rack to store or carry luggage.

As time passes, limousine models are updated and modified very often to keep pace with the features of current cars. The ever popular Hummer now has a limo version; basically, a jet-propelled variation of the early stagecoach model.

From its humble beginnings, the limousine has sure gone a long way. And, given its current popularity, car service businesses are sure to come up with bigger, bolder and better limousine models in the years and decades to come.

Who knows, there may even come up with a limo-plane!

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