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Dealing With Senior Transportation Issues

There comes to a point in any elder’s life when there is absolutely no way he or she should be allowed to drive anymore. They could not be left by themselves for them to take the bus or commute in any other way. Therefore, problems usually arise on who should take Mom or Dad around when they feel like going for a day out or going for a visit to the doctor, and more specially when you live far from them and they live by themselves. This is one of the biggest problems today for a great number of Aging Americans, who have difficulties going to and from places around the town or the city. Senior transportation can actually be a stressful issue to everyone in the family.

When Mom or Dad reach a certain age, it is no more advisable for them to be engaged in too much walking or tiresome commuting on a many sunny days because of health reasons. As much as possible, they should not be exposed to any tedious activity such as walking for miles to wait for public transportation at a bus stop. Because of this, senior transportation resolutions have been devised to make life easier for them.

There are many options that are now available to the families of elderly people directly affected by this issue, even more specifically for those whose elderly are living in the rural areas where transport services are hard to find.

One can arrange for a public transportation department to provide senior transportation to and from places, door to door. Most of these services look for certain documents like a physician’s note or they can even conduct interviews to certify eligibility of an elderly to utilize this service. However these services may require an arrangement in about 48-72 hours before the scheduled transport so that this service may be made available to other people. But this could be somewhat inconvenient since not all the elderly or their families may always foresee any reason or need to go out about 3 days before. And thus, in cases of emergency visits to the doctor or when an elderly is in the mood to visit the grocery or nearby park, they cannot easily do so.

Another option is to talk to the community volunteer driver that support the community driver transportation programs which promote friendly senior transportation. The closest community center may have information available to your family. But then again, these services may also require scheduling beforehand.

One of the better options is to arrange a certain agreement with a local taxi company, where an elderly is to be given a ride ticket so that they can go wherever they want at anytime they want. After which, invoices can be mailed to the family of the elderly and they may actually pay using credit cards, bank transfers or cash at a regular basis.

Senior transportation problems can bring about a lot of frustration to elders as well as their families. Most of the time, it challenges the concern that we have for our aging loved ones. Whenever we are facing this kind of crisis, we should always look for the various options available and make use of them to provide relief and as much convenience as possible to our aging family members.

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