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Limousine Rental Tips – Choosing a Limo Color to Suit Your Style

Limousines are luxury cars that have spacious interiors and can carry between ten to twenty passengers. There are various types of limousines - those with six to eight doors and those party or limousines buses which are intended to carry a larger group of people.

When you hire a limousine, your main intention is to have maximum enjoyment while traveling in comfort and style. The limo service itself includes a chauffeur, so you need not worry about driving. The chauffeur will bring you to your destination as you party during the trip.In addition, the limo also has a state-of-the art entertainment system – replete with huge flat screen televisions, stereo sets, and a well-stocked bar.

And while you may have already decided on what type or limousine model you would like to hire, the other tricky part is choosing a color. Limousines are no longer just black or white, a host of other colors are now available.

Remember to choose a model and color for the rental car that matches the occasion you are attending, or suits your personal style.

For very formal occasions or corporate gatherings, the black limo is still deemed most appropriate. Of course, funerals and official functions call for black limousines while weddings normally use white limousines, unless otherwise requested by the bride.

Take for example, if the couple chooses to match the color of the rental car with the wedding motif – pink, light blue or green and even yellow – there is no reason for the car service company to turn down that request.

There have also been cases however, where couples select the classic black limousines for their weddings. This may be a fashion or political statement, but again, car rental companies are only too happy to cater to any of their clients’ whims and wishes.

Choosing a color is also important for students renting limousines for the prom. Tip to the guys: You can score points with your date if you choose a car whose color matches or complements the dress your date is wearing.

Different personalities have different tastes in color. Businessmen, politicians, government officials and lawmakers generally prefer the black limousine. They believe that black is a solid color that denotes power. True enough, their already imposing personalities are even made more dominant when they step off , or get inside a shiny black limo surrounded by a slew of body guards.

If you’re having a hard time picking a color, just bear in mind that the car you choose reflects your personality or your purpose. If you’re the sophisticated and poised personality, traveling in a white limousine suits you. For the chic and funky women travelers, pink is a popular choice. The very bold and daring go for gold, silver or even dark red hues.

Regardless of what color you choose for your limousine service – you’ve already made a personal statement just by deciding to travel in a limo. It shows that you have impeccable taste and style and are not afraid to try new and different things.

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