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Benefits of Medical Transport for Senior Citizens

There are many various benefits of medical transportation for senior citizens which include being able to forget about health concerns while on the way to a treatment like dialysis or chemotherapy. In this type of situation a senior citizen has the choice of arriving in a private ambulance or some other type of non-emergency medical transport vehicle like a van for the disabled. Even better, many of these types of vans are equipped with life saving equipment such as heart paddles and I.V. units. Some types of medical transport vehicles also have professional registered nurses or paramedics on board who can help save a seniorís life in case of an emergency.

Some of these medical transportation companies are run as part of a hospital network to shuttle senior citizens from one part of a hospital or medical university campus to another. Yet others are privately run and must be hired by you or a member of your family. Yet other companies are run as charitable programs for seniors by local governments or chambers of commerce. Sometimes a local church also provides free medical transportation for the disabled and seniors.

Of course the number one value of medical transport for senior citizens is its ability to save lives. If a health crisis necessitates a ride to the hospital there are many types of transportation that can take care of this need including a regular ambulance, an air ambulance service or possibly some variation of medically equipped truck or van owned by medical transport companies. These types of medical vehicles could be super sophisticated and practically boast an entire emergency operating room on board or they can be quite simple. There is almost always a paramedic or registered nurse on board. Keep in mind that some ambulance companies only provide ambulance attendants who may not necessarily know much about saving lives, so this is one thing to inquire about when choosing an emergency medical service or considering what type of medical insurance you can afford.

Medical transportation for senior citizens can also help to save lives as it is generally faster than ordinary types of transport. Air ambulance companies can get a sick senior to the hospital from remote locations within hours if needed. Ambulance companies come with all types of equipment inside that can help them monitor patientís heart rate and other functions.

For the most part these transport services tend to cost a great deal. Private insurance often covers it, but HMO insurance types often donít cover medical transportation. Ambulances can cost anywhere from six hundred to over a thousand dollars a trip. This is why as a senior it is important to be aware of how much things cost or what kind of medical insurance you have as having the right type of medical transport can help save your life at the time of need.

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