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A First-Timer’s Guide to Traveling by Limousine

Many horror stories have been born out of the busy travel season. Hundreds have complained about the way they were ripped off by companies masquerading as limousine services. People told stories about these so-called car service agencies who fail to deliver any service at all. According to some of them, they waited at the airport for hours and hours and no limousine arrived to pick then up.

It is a sad reality that has tarnished the credibility of legitimate car service businesses. The only possible solution is to promote awareness among travelers and arm them with enough knowledge to prevent them from having the same experience as these unfortunate jetsetters.

Knowing what to do and being aware of the proper way to deal with limousine service companies, can guarantee even a first-time traveler a pleasant and horror-free trip.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Make an early booking

By booking early, one has the opportunity to choose among several limousine service companies instead of grabbing the last one that still has available vehicle. During busy holidays like Thanksgiving, it will be very difficult to find limousine companies with available vehicles during last minute bookings. This is when early booking is imperative. Booking two to three weeks in advance is recommended to guarantee available services from reputable companies.

2. Pay via Credit Card

Using a credit card is an assurance to the limousine company. It means that you are going to show up. Cancellation within a certain period of time gives you the benefit of your credit card company not charging you. However, if you cancel at the last minute or you don’t show up at the pick up point, you will be charged the full amount of your booking. It will just be fair to the limousine company who refused other clients in order to book you.

3. Take note of the limousine company’s contact details

Even small airports are packed with people during holidays. Expect to find a bedlam in larger airports. People getting lost or not finding a person one is supposed to meet or pick up can be expected. Traffic is snarled big time outside the airport and limousine chauffeurs usually have a hard time getting into the pick up point in time.

The problem is compounded if planes are late or a passenger is bumped into another flight, which could arrive earlier or later than the agreed pick up time. This is when the phone number of your limousine company will come in handy.

You have to call your limousine company and to inform them of any change in your expected time of arrival (ETA). If your flight will be coming in early, your limousine company can make arrangement to dispatch a limousine ahead of your original schedule.

You have check your voice mail when your plane lands as there could be a message from your limousine company as to what time you can expect to be picked up in the event of an altered schedule. During holidays and tourist season, you cannot expect everything to run according to schedule, so it’s always best to plan a course of action when these situations arise.

4. Do not rely on airline’s estimated time of arrival (ETA)— Planes arriving on time is more of an exception than a rule. But remember that it is not always the airline’s fault. There are many factors to consider like how airport traffic controllers handle air traffic flow. So it is always a good idea to give your limousine company a time frame or window when you are expected to arrive in an airport.

5. Give tip to your limousine chauffeur – Just like any worker in the hospitality or tourism business, your limousine driver is dependent on your tip. Twenty percent tip is the standard in the industry but you can add a smile to the face of your limousine driver if you will give more, especially if his service is exceptional.

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