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A Wedding Limo: How Much Should it Cost?

People usually prefer to use limousines as a stylish and comfortable means of transportation. Before, only the rich and the famous have the ability to get this kind of car service. Nowadays, limousine companies offer their services to people for different occasions. Getting a limousine service will truly make the special event even more memorable. One of these special occasions which people decide to hire a limo is for their wedding.

It can be overwhelming to plan for the wedding, but getting a limousine service does not have to be. For people planning to get a limousine service for the first time, the major concern is how much they need to pay for a wedding limo. The total rental rate for hiring a wedding limo depends on a number of factors.

The price of hiring a limousine for the wedding is affected by a lot of factors. Each of these factors must be accounted by people hosting the wedding before deciding on getting the limo service.

The size of the preferred limousine is one of the factors that will affect the price of hiring a wedding limo. Limousines come in three standard sizes. The smaller limos can normally carry up to six passengers and the driver. The medium-sized limos will carry 10 to 12 passengers. The large limos can carry 16 to 30 individuals. This depends on the type and style of the limousine chosen.

One of the biggest concerns that many individuals have when choosing a limo rental is how many individuals will fit into the limousine. The small limo can be hired if it is only the bride and groom that will be transported to the wedding venue. This limo is much less expensive to hire. If in case it is needed to transport 20 to 30 passengers to the wedding reception hall, it is better to hire a larger limo.

The year and style of the limousine can also affect the price of hiring the limo for the wedding. Naturally, the newer limo models will cost more than the older limousine models. However, many individuals are reluctant to hire a limo that is more than four years old.

The style of the limo also matters in the price of the limo service. Nowadays, there are many different styles of limos available that people can choose from. Since not all limo companies will have the same styles of their limousines, an individual will have more options to choose from. Always make sure to ask for the model year and style you are receiving for a specific rental package.

Lastly, decide on the number of hours you would need the car service. If in case the limo company would rate on a per hour basis, you must know the exact length of time you would be using the limousine throughout the entire wedding event, to avoid paying more out of your budget.

These factors will be taken into consideration for the price of the limo rental. You can now decide on what limo rental package you will be getting on the day of the wedding.

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